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  SD = Socially Distanced Screening  
Tue 29 The Duke (12A) SD 5.30 & 7.30
Wed 30 South: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Glorious Epic of the Antarctic (U) SD 5.30 & 7.30
Thu 31 South: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Glorious Epic of the Antarctic (U) SD 8.00

 Tue 29 Mar

The Duke
Roger Michell | UK | 2020 | 95m | 12A

In 1961, a 60-year-old taxi driver (Jim Broadbent) steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. He sends ransom notes saying that he will return the painting if the government invests more in care for the elderly.
An uplifting true story about a good man who set out to change the world and managed to save his marriage to long-suffering wife Dorothy (Dame Helen Mirren).

Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex, discrimination

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 Wed 30 & Thu 31 Mar

South: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Glorious Epic of the Antarctic
Frank Hurley with Sir Ernest Shackleton | UK | 1919 | 88m | U | In French with English subtitles

Considered the world’s first documentary feature, South is the original film – exquisitely photographed by Frank Hurley – of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 to 1916 Endurance expedition to Antarctica, during which the ship was crushed by ice, stranding the crew.
Notable for its stunningly dramatic images and the matter-of-fact way in which it deals with the actions of the explorer in the face of death, the film has been digitally remastered by BFI National Archive with a newly commissioned score by Neil Brand.

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