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November Films

South West Picture Show 2016 Film Festival

Mon 21 Under The Shadow (15) 7.00
Tue 22 Long Way North (PG) (School Screening) 10am
Tue 22 Deshantori (12A) 7.30
Wed 23 The Girl On The Train (15) (7.30pm SOLD OUT) 10.30am + 7.30
Thu 24 The Girl On The Train (15) (7.30pm SOLD OUT) Additional Screening at 5.15pm 5.15 + 7.30
Fri 25 + Sat 26 American Honey (15) 7.30
Sun 27 Alexander Nevsky (PG) 3.00
Mon 28 I, Daniel Blake (15) SOLD OUT 7.00
Tue 29 The Kid (12) 10am
Tue 29 I, Daniel Blake (15) Limited Availability 7.30
Wed 30 I, Daniel Blake (15) SOLD OUT 7.30

Mon 21 Nov

Under The Shadow
Babak Anvari | UK/Iran/Jordan | 2015 | 84m | 15 | Subtitles

Under The ShadowAs a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the postrevolution, war torn Tehran of the 80s, a mysterious evil begins to haunt their home.

“Under its scares, ‘Under the Shadow’ serves as an impassioned allegory for female oppression - but Anvari doesn't shortchange horror fans”, The Guardian.

Film ClubTry our Monday Night Film Club at 7pm!

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Tue 22 Nov - School Screening

Long Way North / Tout en Haut du Monde
Rémi Chayé | France/Denmark | 2015 | 81m | PG Contains mild violence, threat.

Long Way NorthIn 1892, Sasha, a teenage girl from a Russian aristocrat family, has always been fascinated with her grandfather’s life as an explorer. When her grandfather goes missing she embarks on an epic adventure to find out what happened to him and save her family’s reputation in this wonderfully animated tale.

“Enchanting, a beautifully told story”, Screen.

Screening as part of the French Film Festival 2016.

Schools screening - Tuesday 22 November at 10am. Suitable for Primary Schools: P4-P7 / Modern Languages (French), History. Ticket price - £4.30 per pupil, teachers go free.

Films for a younger audience and their parents/guardians, every third Saturday from October to March at 11am. Tickets cost £4.60 per person, irrespective of size or age! We normally disapprove of talking during films but as these shows are primarily for children grown-ups should expect a little bit of noise.

Designed for anyone who would benefit from a more easygoing environment, including families with babies, people with Autism Spectrum Conditions, learning disabilities or dementia. Low lights will remain on in the auditorium and the volume will be lowered. You’re free to move around and make noise, or take a break during the film. Staff will be available to assist with seating and access arrangements.

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Tue 22 Nov

Sujan Mahmud and Mridul Chowdhury | Bangladesh | 2006 | 69m | 12A | Subtitles
Contains upsetting scenes, moderate violence, injury detail, threat.

Deshantori‘Deshantori’ (meaning “The Migrant”) is a Bangladeshi film which brings to life the circumstances in developing nations that forces young people towards illegal migration. It develops around the re-construction of a shockingly painful journey of 26 young Bangladeshis who tried to migrate to Spain illegally through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea (in which they were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive). The film explores how a lack of social justice and economic opportunities can force people to take such drastic measures.

Being Human and University of Glasgow

This screening is free and will be followed by a Q&A with Dr Shahaduz Zaman from the University of Glasgow, as part of the Being Human festival.

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Wed 23 Nov – Thu 24 Nov

The Girl On The Train
Tate Taylor | USA | 2016 | 112m | 15

The Girl On The TrainRelocating the story to New York and based on the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins ‘The Girl On The Train’ follows Rachel Watson's life post-divorce. Rachel (Emily Blunt) takes the train to work every day and spends her commute fantasizing about a young couple living down the street from her ex-husband. One morning, she sees something shocking and finds herself entangled in a mystery that promises to forever alter the lives of everyone involved.

Bring a Baby  Bring a Baby (only for parents/guardians with babies aged 18 months and under) - 10.30pm on Wednesday 23 November

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Fri 25 – Sat 26 Nov

American Honey
Andrea Arnold | USA/UK | 2016 | 162m | 15

American HoneyAndrea Arnold’s latest film is a sprawling road movie about a teenage girl, Star (Sasha Lane), with nothing to lose who joins a travelling magazine sales crew.

She gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard partying, law breaking and young love as she crisscrosses the Midwest with a band of misfits.

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Sun 27 Nov

Alexander Nevsky
Sergie Eisenstein | Russia | 1938 | 112m | PG | Subtitles

Alexander NevskyDirected by Sergei Eisenstein with music by Sergei Prokofiev. The first of Eisenstein’s sound films, this is an inspired collaboration between director and composer, with some of the film shot to Prokofiev’s music and some of the music composed to Eisenstein’s footage. The climactic set piece of the Battle on the Ice has served as a model for epic movie battles ever since. Black and white.

Screening as part of the Russian Season.

All tickets are £10.

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Mon 28 Nov - Thu 1 Dec

I, Daniel Blake
Ken Loach | UK | 2016 | 100m | 15

I, Daniel BlakeKen Loach won the 2016 Palme D’Or prize for the second time for ‘I, Daniel Blake’.

Daniel is a middle-aged widower in the North East who can’t work or get benefits after a near-fatal heart attack. He befriends a single mother and her two children and together they attempt to navigate their way through the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of the current day benefits system.

Film ClubTry our Monday Night Film Club at 7pm!

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Tue Nov 29

The New Kid / Le Nouveau
Rudi Rosenberg | France | 2015 | 81m | 12 | Subtitles

Le NouveauIn this vivacious comedy, shy 14-year-old Benoît moves to Paris and a new high school, where he’s rejected by his cooler classmates and reluctantly sidelined into a precarious friendship with the ‘freaks and geeks’.

Screening as part of French Film Festival 2016.

The film is available to secondary schools, suitable for S1-S6 / Modern Languages (French). Ticket price - £4.30 per pupil, teachers go free.

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