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November 2021 @ RBCFT

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November Films
Fri 19 Out Of Africa (PG) From page to screen with Jessica Fox 6.45
Sat 20 The Last Duel (18) 7.30
Sun 21 Seven Samurai (PG) BFI Japan 2021 2.00
Mon 22 Titane (N/C18) Monday Night Film Club 7.00
Tue 23 The Last Duel (18) 7.00
Wed 24 The Big Bike Film Night 7.00
Thu 25 The Last Duel (18) 7.00
Fri 26 The French Dispatch (15) 7.00
Sat 27 Getting Away With Murder(s) (15) plus Q&A 6.45
Sun 28 Spread Your Wings/ Donne-mois des ailes (PG) 2.00
Mon 29 Never Gonna Snow Again (15) Monday Night Film Club 7.00
Tue 30 The French Dispatch (15) 7.00


 Fri 19 Nov

Out Of Africa
Sydney Pollack | USA | 1985 | 161m | PG

We're delighted that author Jessica Fox will join us for a very special screening of the epic romantic drama Out of Africa on Friday 19 November. Jessica will introduce the film and read passages from one of her favourite novels. 

Out of Africa is based loosely on a 1937 autobiographical book written by Isak Dinesen (the pseudonym of Danish author Karen Blixen), with additional material from Dinesen's 1960 book Shadows on the Grass and other sources. Released in 1985 the film won seven Academy Awards (including Best Film) and stars Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. In 20th-century colonial Kenya, a Danish baroness/plantation owner (Streep) has a passionate love affair with a free-spirited big-game hunter (Redford).

Jessica Fox is an author, screenwriter, and co-creator of The Open Book, the first bookshop holiday Airbnb. Her memoir Three Things you Need to Know About Rockets, set in South West Scotland, was Waterstones book of the month and named romantic memoir of the year by the Daily Mail. Currently, Jessica writes for film and TV, and enjoys giving talks to all ages about film, science communication, travel and memoir writing and bookshops, especially the award-winning Open Book Airbnb in Wigtown, Scotland's National Book Town.

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 Sat 20 - Thu 25 Nov

The Last Duel
Ridley Scott | UK, USA | 2021 | 153m | 18

Historical drama, set in the 14th century, in which a knight (Adam Driver) and a squire (Matt Damon) must fight to the death to resolve a dispute surrounding the assault of a woman (Jodie Comer).

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 Sun 21 Nov

Seven Samurai
Akira Kurosawa | Japan | 1954 | 206m (inc Intermission) | PG | In Japanese with English subtitles

Widely considered one of the best films of all time, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai is immensely influential and arguably the defining work of Japanese cinema.

When 16th-century farmers whose village is repeatedly attacked by merciless bandits ask an elderly, masterless samurai (Takashi Shimura) for help, offering nothing but food in return, he hesitantly agrees and assembles a band of warriors to defend and train the villagers.

Boasting terrific performances, (with Shimura and Toshiro Mifune – as a peasant masquerading as a samurai – particularly memorable), superb camerawork, and expertly mounted battle sequences, Seven Samurai is undoubtedly one of the greatest action films ever made

.The re-release of Seven Samurai is one of the highlights of BFI Japan 2021: 100 Years of Japanese Cinema, at cinemas UK-wide from October – December 2021. The RBCFT is also screening Tokyo Story on Monday 29 November.



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 Mon 22 Nov

Julia Ducournau | France | 2021 | 108m | N/C 18

The winner of the Palme d'Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Titane is one of the most provocative winners ever, and only the second for a female director. French filmmaker Julia Ducournau dazzled with cannibal-themed debut Raw but goes way further in her genre-shattering follow-up.

Unnerving newcomer Agathe Rousselle plays Alexia, a young woman who – following an accident in her childhood – has an unusual bond with cars, consummated by a strange encounter with one of the vehicles she writhes on in her job as a motor show dancer. When her murderous tendencies make her a fugitive, she disguises herself as a boy and forms a very ambivalent bond with the chief of a firefighting unit (Vincent Lindon).

Screening as part of this year's French Film Festival 2021.

This screening is part of the Monday Night Film Club. A volunteer or RBC staff member will give a short introduction to a latest release, and everyone is welcome to stay for a post-film discussion.
Free tea, herbal and fruit teas, and coffee will be made available.

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 Wed 24 Nov

The Big Bike Film Night

The Big Bike Film Night is anThe Last DuelBike Night evening dedicated to the love of cycling, showcasing a diverse range of short cycling films from around the globe.

Treeline is showcasing The Big Bike Film Night, a collection of short and documentary films that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want - action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly designed and devised for the two wheel devotee! 

This treasure chest of films includes a story that reminds you of the importance of finding your ‘why’, and that with a bike you can find a worthy adventure in your own backyard; a movie that shows inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes that shape and size is a seven-year-old girl who likes to ride BMX; an audacious mountain climbing challenge; a tale of trees, traps and trails, a passage of three first timers on their way to IRONMAN TAUPŌ; two friends on an environmental mission; a beautiful story about the power of two wheels and a community built through bicycling; and a part documentary/ part fantasy with mountain bike illustrations that will have you looking for your rig and heading down the trail in search of the same kind of magic; ALL in the mix!! 

These short films are a wonderful reminder of why we love to ride our bikes with films that celebrate the fun, adventure and inspiration that cycling enables, whatever your ride is.


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 Fri 26, Tue 30 Nov  & Thu 2 Dec

The French Dispatch
Wes Anderson | Germany, USA | 2020 | 108m | 15

A love letter to journalists set in an outpost of an American newspaper in a fictional twentieth century French city that brings to life a collection of stories published in "The French Dispatch Magazine".

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 Sat 27 Nov

Getting Away With Murder(s)
David Wilkinson | UK | 2021 | 175 plus 15 min interval and Q&A | 15

David Wilkinson, the film’s director, will join us for a Q&A.

During the Holocaust almost 1 million people in 22 countries carried out the unprovoked murder of 11 million innocent men, women, and children. 99% of those responsible were never prosecuted; most were never even questioned.

The Allies knew what their crime was, and where these people could be found - Germany, Austria, Italy, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and numerous countries in South America. However, after the late 1940s, almost nothing was done.

Director David Wilkinson asks the question - why were so many people actively permitted to get away with their crime(s) - that of mass murder on an industrial scale. Wilkinson’s journey takes him all over the UK, to Ireland, the USA, the killing fields of Lithuania, Latvia, and the Czech Republic, to the infamous death camp Auschwitz - Birkenau in Poland, to Austria, France and, of course, Germany.


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 Sun 28 Nov

Spread Your Wings / Donne-moi des ailes
Nicolas Vanier | France, Norway | 2019 | 90m | PG

A most welcome return for one of the RBC's most popular films of 2020.

Inspired by a true story, Spread Your Wings follows video game-addicted teenager Thomas (Louis Vazquez) who is sent by his mother, Paola (Mélanie Doutey), to spend the school holidays with his father in the beautiful, yet secluded, wetlands of the Camargue region in southern France. With no wi-fi and only his ornithologist father, Christian (Jean-Paul Rouve), for company, Thomas is slowly drawn into his father’s passion for a gaggle of newborn wild geese. Together, father and son train the birds for their first migratory flight, hoping to free them from captivity. In doing so, they also start to rebuild their own strained relationship. 

Screening as part of this year's French Film

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 Mon 29 

Never Gonna Snow Again
Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert | Poland, Germany, Netherlands | 2020 | 116m | 15 | In Polish with English subtitles

Sniegu juz nigdy nie bedzie

When a mysterious stranger arrives in a gated community on the outskirts of a large Polish city, he is welcomed by the wealthy residents who embrace his talents as a masseur. Though his hands provide healing, his eyes seem to penetrate their very souls, lifting a disquiet in each of their lives. Zhenia (Alec Utgoff) possesses a magical gift and to the residents, his Russian accent also sounds like a song from the past, a peaceful melody from their childhood when the world was a safer place. And though his hypnotic techniques bring calm his background remains a mystery, leaving the residents to wonder what other secrets he holds.
Bold, beautiful, and mesmeric, Never Gonna Snow Again is the striking new film from Małgorzata Szumowska and her longtime collaborator Michał Englert. Featuring a hypnotic lead performance from Utgoff, this outstanding new film is both wondrous, compelling, and uplifting.


This screening on 29 Nov is part of the Monday Night Film Club. A volunteer or RBC staff member will give a short introduction to a latest release, and everyone is welcome to stay for a post-film discussion.
Free tea, herbal and fruit teas, and coffee will be made available.

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